We do the simple things that make our guests stay with us top notch.  We keep the coffee piping, cars parking, and people smiling. And when we’re finished, we look out and see what more we can do.  Every volunteer “task” opportunity below is super easy and backed with instruction, so you get to focus on the people – not the work.  If a task opportunity interests you, contact us today to talk about where you uniquely fit at LCRF


Open doors, show seats, collect offering, and lead the way to the restroom, etc.  Generally, just be a friendly guide, full of grace and good with directions. Additional training provided.


Brew it, stock it, serve it and wipe it back up.  Serve coffee and snacks and the community will adore you.  Additional training provided.


Be a friend to people walking into the building for the first time.  This could mean a conversation, tour, or just answer a few questions.  Additional training provided.


Be the first face to welcome our friends to LCRF.  Help drivers get in and out with nice smiles.  Additional training provided.


Create a welcoming environment for new and current LCRF volunteers to thrive.  Welcome and connect new volunteers, create a sweet space in Volunteer Central.  Interview required.


Welcome the questions and give people what they need, whether that’s giving directions, helping register guests for an upcoming event, or give out gifts to our first-timers.  Serving experience of at least six months, background check required due to money exchanging that takes place at the desk, and additional training required.

Please use this form to get in touch with someone about serving.

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